Laser technology research will be given a boost by the new photonics centre

Photonics centre set up by UK and Russian universities

A centre developing the latest in laser and photonic technologies will be established after a UK and a Russian university team up.

Aston University and Novosibirsk State University (NSU), who both specialise in optical communications, fibre optics, lasers and non-linear photonics, have signed a collaboration to establish the Aston-NSU International Centre for Photonics in Novosibirsk.

The partnership will see the development of applications for joint research funding for projects across the UK, Russia, EU and worldwide as well as joint research publications in journals and PhD student exchanges and undergraduate/postgraduate research opportunities.

Professor Sergei Turitsyn, from Aston University AIPT’s team, said: “The development of a joint research centre between two world-leading research teams, will increase our research capacity and will provide access to advanced laser science knowledge, technologies, facilities and infrastructure.

“The centre will operate as a distributed laboratory with locations in UK and Russia. It is an outstanding link up which will advance our capabilities in laser technologies with positive impact on our research in long distance communications, medical sensing devices and fibre-laser science among others.”

Dr Sergei Kobtsev from Novosibirsk State University, said: “Photonics is undoubtedly a fast-growing field of research and innovation. Both the UK and Russia have a strong photonics manufacturing industry base and a number of high-tech companies in the photonics field.

“Industry needs new knowledge-intensive photonics products and I anticipate that our Centre will play a key role in linking academic knowledge with practical technological and industrial applications.”

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