Spanish engineers will test a digital tool to help old people monitor their health and home

Health monitoring app for seniors

Spanish engineers have created and will test a digital tool designed to help old people monitor their health and home and avoid social exclusion.

Consisting of a simple tablet with access to a series of basic tools adapted to the needs of seniors, the Secure Active Ageing: Participation and Health for the Old (SAAPHO) platform offers three basic applications – health monitoring, home security monitoring and social participation tools.

Capable of keeping track of the user’s artery pressure, physical activity and historical health data, the tool helps prevent the development of serious health problems related to old age.  

The house monitoring application controls various parameters of the user’s house, including temperature, CO2 concentration, substances indicating fire and the composition of gases in the atmosphere indoors. If any of these parameters exceed their norms, the system can automatically send a warning and alert the emergency services.

The social interaction tool offers simplified versions of social networking tools and email systems to share photos and messages in an intuitive and straightforward way.

Led by engineers at the Barcelona Digital Technology Centre, the SAAPHO project is supported by the EU. The team has finished its prototype system and is set to commence a pilot study including more than 40 clients of the Ageing Institute in Barcelona, Spain and of the Union of Senior Organisations in Slovenia.

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