The UK government has announced signing a contract with the French energy company EDF regarding the new nuclear power plant construction

Final negotiations before Hinkley Point deal signing

Salaries and conditions for workers who will build the UK’s new nuclear power plant will be negotiated tomorrow as the UK government is about to reach an agreement with French energy company EDF.

It is believed the government is finalising the deal, agreeing on the price of electricity generation at the planned new bloc of the Hinkley Point power plant in Somerset.

Negotiationg the so-called strike price for Hinkley Point has delayed the project, but industry sources said a deal is now close.

Officials from the GMB and other unions will meet EDF tomorrow to discuss an Engineering Construction agreement which will cover pay, terms and conditions on the construction of the facility.

"Even though the government has been deadlocked with EDF over the strike price, unions have been sensibly negotiating with EDF a 'best in class' agreement for the construction of Hinkley Point," said National officer Phil Whitehurst, describing the deal as “ground-breaking” and providing increased levels of pay and the prospect of "harmonious" working relationships.

"We welcome EDF's intention to buy into the need for investment, not only in the present workforce, but in apprentices to replace our already ageing workforce,” he said.

"This is very refreshing, and far better than the dark days of lack of investment by recent generations of governments and employers."

Earlier this week, Energy Secretary Ed Davey said that Britain is set to secure tens of billions of pounds in investment from the Far East in a new generation of nuclear power stations that would help secure the UK’s power supply into the future.

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