Most of the technology marvels of the Falcon 5X business jet are hidden in the cockpit

Falcon 5X features cutting edge cockpit technology

Dassault Aviation has unveiled its new Falcon 5X aircraft, introducing cutting-edge military-tested design, flight control technology and improved fuel efficiency.

Designed and produced by Dassault Falcon, a US subsidiary of the French plane-maker, the new 5X aircraft is the biggest and the most advanced from the Falcon family of small business jets.

The aircraft takes advantage of several cutting-edge technologies developed and tested by Dassault in its military programmes.

The plane’s trademark feature, the fully digital flight control system, promises to make aircraft control more precise, easier and safer. For the first time, the system integrates all moving control surfaces, including an additional control surface called a 'flaperon', that allows steep approaches at slow and safe speeds.

The all-digital cockpit is equipped with Honeywell’s EASy technology and features the most advanced radar capable of detecting turbulence at greater distances than existing devices.

In addition to that, the industry’s most advance head-up display technology is available to the pilots in the cockpit, combining enhanced and synthetic vision technology, improving situation awareness even in total darkness, fog or haze.

The enhanced vision technology integrates information from infrared sensors and shows the surrounding terrain that might not be visible by a human eye due to lighting or bad weather conditions.

The synthetic vision technology uses a global terrain database for the same purpose. The combination of those systems represents an industry breakthrough promising unprecedented high fidelity view of the outside world even when actual visibility is zero.

The aircraft will be powered by new-generation Silvercrest engines from the French-based engine maker Safran Snecma.

"The Silvercrest engine is 15 per cent more fuel efficient than other engines in its power class,” said Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation. Emissions are dramatically lower than current standards, and the engine is remarkably quiet.”

Both, the aircraft and the engines are fitted with the industry's most advanced real-time self-diagnosis on-board maintenance system, reporting service issues in real time to ground-based service hubs, enabling the maintenance teams to begin the problem mitigation procedure while the aircraft is still in the air.

Snecma's ForeVision health monitoring system, integrated into the Silvercrest engine, forecasts when maintenance will be needed several flights or even hundreds of flight hours in advance.

Unveiled in Las Vegas at the National Business Aviation Association's annual convention, the Falcon 5X is claimed to offer the largest cabin cross section of all purpose-built business jets, with fuel efficiency up to 50 per cent better than competing aircraft.

The 16-passenger aircraft with a 9,630km flight range is expected to perform its maiden flight in the first quarter of 2015 and achieve full certification before the end of 2016. It is expected to cost some $45 million in 2013 dollars.

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