A 28-year-old British hacker has been arrested after breaching networks of US military agencies

Briton hacks networks of Nasa and US military

A 28-year-old hacker from Suffolk, UK, has been arrested by US authorities for penetrating thousands of US military computer systems, aiming to steal confidential data.

In spite of the the widespread belief that UK lacks people with advanced cyber skills, Lauri Love from Stradishall, east England, has proven to be extremely resourceful, hacking the networks of the US Department of Defense's Missile Defense Agency, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Nasa and the Environmental Protection Agency.

According to US prosecutors, between October 2012 and October 2013, Love and his collaborators have placed hidden ‘shells’ and ‘back doors’ within the hacked networks, allowing them to return later to steal data.

Information accessed included budgeting data, the disposal of military facilities, and personal information on thousands of people including military personnel.

Love was arrested on Friday and charged with one count of accessing a US department or agency computer without permission, and one count of conspiracy.

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