Fully electric Venturi VBB-3 will attempt to break the world speed record for electric vehicles

Venturi attempts to beat speed record for electric cars

The Venturi VBB-3 fully electric super-fast car has been officially unveiled for the first time in preparations to beat the world speed record for electric vehicles.

A joint project of Venturi Automobiles, a pioneering company headquartered in Monaco, and The Ohio State Center for Automotive Research, the car has been tested in the past weeks on the salt flats of Bonneville in Utah.

However, due to poor weather conditions, the actual attempt to beat the record has been postponed.

The car, a result of two years of development, is said to be the most powerful fully electric car ever built. The team believes it will manage to exceed the speed of 600 km/h by 2014.

The car was unveiled by Prince Albert II of Monaco on a runway of the Wendover airfield in Utah, USA.

Venturi Automobiles, owned by entrepreneur Gildo Pallanca Pastor, is a leader in the field of high performance electric vehicles and holds the world speed record for electric vehicles since 2010, when it reached 495 km/h.

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