Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about iOS 7 during a media event in California earlier this month

Rocky start for Apple's iOS 7 operating system

Users downloading Apple’s latest release of its mobile operating system have reported experiencing a series of glitches.

The eagerly anticipated iOS 7 launched yesterday was hailed as a new beginning for the technology giant, but tech fans have taken to social media to complain about messages telling them: "An error occurred whilst downloading iOS 7.0".

Users expressed frustration at the setback as "iOS 7.0" became a trending topic on Twitter, while others complained of long download times and huge drains on phone memory.

Sam Allison, tweeting under the handle @VF2010_, responded to the outcry saying: "Guess I'm not the only one getting an Error message trying to Download IOS 7.0 #Annoying"

@King_Julien1984, complained about messages telling them their download would take 11 hours to be completed, while @igc223 13m said: "deleted all my apps, music, and pictures and still don't have enough storage to download iOS 7.0"

But some who had managed to download the system praised it, such as Ashlyn Tracy (@MsPrettyPricey), who said "Loving the new iOS 7.0 #iPhone .get it people"

Industry observers had suggested the arrival of iOS 7, which is said to have a cleaner look than its predecessors, could go some way to silencing Apple's critics after being unveiled just months after the firm posted its first profit slide in a decade and drew accusations that it has failed to innovate.

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