Wind-sharing - joint owning of wind turbines - is a new hit in the Netherlands

Dutch village turns to wind-sharing and sets crowd-funding record

All 6,648 shares in a Dutch crowd-funded large-scale wind turbine project have been sold within hours, setting a new world crowd-funding record.

The 1,700 households, now joint owners of the €1.3m Vesta V80 2MW wind turbine built in 2005, will be entitled to receive 500kWh of electricity per year per a share bought for the next 12 years.

With the average annual household consumption in the Netherlands being 3500kWh, owning 7 shares would sufficiently cover the household’s entire electricity demand. The wind shares were sold for €200 each.

Wind-sharing ,a concept of jointly owning wind turbines to generate own energy is gaining momentum in the Netherlands, with more and more people being interested in generating their own energy.

“We expected things would move fast, but nobody anticipated the run on the wind-shares that happened yesterday evening,” said Harm Reitsma, founder of the Windcentrale, an organisation set up three years ago to facilitate the shift toward the renewable energy in the Netherlands.

“An increasing number of people want to generate their own electricity. Solar panels aren't always an option and so wind-shares in a remote wind turbine give everyone the chance to take matters into their own hands and generate their own clean electricity,” Reitsma added.

Since its inception, the Windcentrale has helped more than 6,900 Dutch citizens to become co-owners of wind turbines, opening their way to produce and consume their own electricity.

The company has also created a dedicated smartphone app allowing every share-holder to see wind speeds and related electricity production level in real time.

The company believes that, as electricity prices are expected to rise, the wind-sharers will enjoy considerable cost savings over the years.

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