Vince Cable has been pressed by Labour politicians to hold a summit to avoid the loss of further jobs at Railcare

Politicians press Cable for action on Railcare job losses

Labour politicians from Glasgow and Milton Keynes have urged the Government to hold a summit to save a rail engineering firm.

News that Railcare had gone into administration emerged at the start of the month, threatening hundreds of job losses, and now MPs and councillors from the two areas where the company has sites have written to Business Secretary Vince Cable calling for talks.

About 150 skilled jobs have been axed after Railcare went into administration earlier this month and unions fear hundreds more will be lost unless action is taken to help the firm.

The letter said: "Ongoing uncertainty about the future of the firm risks further destabilising rescue plans and future orders. It is essential that the Government helps broker a successful resolution for the firm, and provides stability for the workforce whilst negotiations continue.

"The future of Railcare is directly linked to the success of the rail industry throughout the UK. These are highly skilled, important engineering jobs that could be lost from the rail industry with orders and future work going abroad."

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