Ofcom is laying down framework for broadband services for moving vehicles including flying aircraft

Ofcom lays down framework for in-flight broadband

Ofcom has published today a document advising on new mobile broadband systems for moving vehicles including passenger aircraft.

The Earth Stations and Mobile Platforms technology relies on the newest advances in satellite technology for high-speed data transfer, allowing customers to check their email, surf the web or stream videos while aboard an aircraft.

"Recent innovations in satellite technology mean that it's now possible for planes, ships and trains to access the Internet at speeds closer to what you'd expect from home broadband,” said Ofcom’s Charles Jenne.

"Ofcom is proposing to allow the use of this technology in the UK, which could benefit business users and holiday makers who want to stay connected while travelling."

While several satellite operators are already taking steps to launch a commercial high-speed broadband service for aircraft, Ofcom is laying down a framework for private companies interested to run this service.

According to Ofcom’s current proposal, the pricing would be entirely in the hands of those companies.

The anticipated service would be up to ten times faster than what is currently available aboard some trains, buses or planes and should offer improved coverage.

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