Google's Android mobile operating system has been said to be the most frequent target of malware attacks

Google's Android most prone to cyber attacks

Of the currently available mobile operating systems, Google’s Android is by far the most likely to be attacked by malware.

In 2012, Android-powered gadgets made for 79 per cent of all malware threats targeting smartphones. Most of the malicious applications were reported to come in a form of a text message. The data have been made available in a study published by Public Intelligence.

The experts explained the cause of Android’s vulnerability is the fact that most of the users are still using older, less protected, versions of the operating system. Its open source architecture and dominant position in the market also contribute to Android’s attracting more of the cyber criminals’ attention.

According to the report, Android is followed in the number of malware attacks by Nokia’s Symbian system that has been targeted by 19 per cent of all attacks. Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s and BlackBerry’s systems were all subjected to the threats in less than 1 per cent of cases.

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