Decc was reported to strongly object to the renewable energy report compiled by Defra

Decc and Defra fight over renewable energy report

The Department of Energy and Climate (Decc) Change is allegedly blocking the release of a report assessing how renewable energy affects the countryside.

Put together by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra), the report has been said to possibly expose some of the shortcomings in the government’s renewable energy strategy.

The information has been released by the Daily Telegraph, a newspaper previously associated with anti-wind farm stances.

"It is claimed that figures in the Decc are concerned that the report, which has not been completed, could include negative conclusions about how renewable energy affects the rural economy," the Daily Telegraph wrote.

The team behind the report, led by Conservative Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, is reportedly determined to publicise their findings despite the protests of Energy Secretary Ed Davey.

According to available information, Decc has accused Defra of having a biased attitude clouded by ideology rather than scientific evidence.

The exact content of the report and its conclusions hasn’t been revealed yet.

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