The Church of England has voiced its concerns regarding hydraulic fracturing, supporting the environmental activists

Balcombe fracking unlikely Cuadrilla says

Hydraulic fracturing is probably not going to be employed at the site near Balcombe, West Sussex, were fierce protests have been going on for the past two weeks.

The spokesman for Cuadrilla, the energy company currently conducting exploratory drilling at the site, said the firm believed it would eventually find other, more suitable locations.

"The site is unlikely to go into full production. We are not ruling it out completely,” he said. “The fact is that we have a large licence area and there are likely to be more suitable sites elsewhere."

Despite these assurances, the environmental activists fear Cuadrilla could eventually change its mind. Earlier, the company said that if oil reserves are to be found at the site, hydraulic fracturing would only be used if conventional drilling methods are not convenient.

The company also said no other sites in West Sussex are under consideration at this moment.

Earlier today, the Church of England representatives have supported the ani-fracking activists by issuing a statement discussing whether fracking risks damaging God’s creation for future generations.

The document released by the Anglican diocese of Blackburn said the technology promising access to abundant supplies of oil that have so far been unreachable, could have rushed people into decisions that could prove to be damaging.

"A relatively new technique to extract natural gas from previously unreachable depths is prompting a rush to drill, despite virtually no history as to its environmental impact," the document says.

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