New software tool enables more efficient management of dumpsites

Waste-handling improvements promised by new software tool

A calculation tool created by a Spanish student uses 200 parameters to determine the best use for construction and demolition waste.

Named Labwaste.12, the programme’s development was initiated in a response to existing applications guiding manufacturing of structural concrete, employing the same principles in landfill management.

The tool could be used for planning operations and closures, determining economic and technical feasibility and responsible every day management. The author of the project, Spanish Master’s Degree student Joan Esteban Altabella  from the University of Jaume, has received the prize for the best paper presented at the 17th International Congress on Project Management and Engineering.

By finding additional purpose for the otherwise useless demolition and construction waste, the tool reduces the environmental impact caused by quarrying. The landfill operators can also achieve substantial cost reductions, if they employ the construction waste instead of landfill aggregate purchased from a quarry.

Labwaste.12 offers the possibility of using specific facts of a landfill or, by default, use the average data already included in the programme. It also provides information on other materials required in this type of installation, such as geomembranes, pipes or geotextiles. Finally, the programme provides a final report to check the entered data and it automatically generates a budget with the required aggregate costs.

The programme, which has already been tested, is now ready to enter the market. The authors believe it is suitable for training purposes as well as an application for professional design, operation and end-of-life operations of landfills and dumpsites.

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