Stop-start driving can cause engine wear

TomTom and Castrol to study stop-start driving

Engine oil manufacturer Castrol will cooperate with navigation systems producer Tom Tom on a study assessing the effects of stop-start driving on engine wear.

In research that will look in detail at driving patterns in 50 cities and regions worldwide, the companies will analyse driving behaviour in combination with detailed traffic information.

“Stop-start traffic is a global issue that not only affects journey times, but all that idling in traffic and waiting at junctions causes microscopic wear in engines,” said Gareth Bracchi, senior development technologist at Castrol.

“By partnering with TomTom, we’ll be able to accurately measure the stop-start average per kilometre within defined city limits, discover what cities have the heaviest traffic, and show which city’s drivers are most at risk of damaging stop-start wear.”

In its previous studies, Castrol managed to show that drivers can experience up to 18,000 stop-starts every year, mostly because of congestion or while waiting at traffic lights.

The study, which Castrol hopes will help it improve engine oil formulas, will include cities such as New York, Sydney, Beijing, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, London or Istanbul.  

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