Sharp's app allows customers to visualise how TVs will look in a room and walk around to see how the TV looks from every angle

Sharp launches augmented reality app for TV buyers

Sharp have launched an augmented reality app that allows buyers to visualise a range of TVs in their home.

The free app, made available to coincide with Sharp expanding its big screen range, is available for both iOS and Android platforms and allows users to see how different screen size TVs fit on a wall or TV stand in any room.

A user can switch between TVs in the line-up simply by swiping their phone screen and then walk around the room to see how the TVs look from every angle. The app also lets a user take photos of the TV in their home to share with friends and family.

“When you're upgrading to a 50" plus sized TV you need to be confident that it will fit into your home,” says Martin Arnold, European digital marketing manager for Sharp Europe.

Sharp’s app lets buyers check the optimal viewing distance for their selected large screen TV with an in-built viewing distance guide and also lets buyers click through to Sharp’s website to get detailed product information on each TV.

Users print out a TV marker and place it where they would like their TV to be. They then start the app and the TV will appear on their mobile screen in the position of the marker.

To try the app, visit the App Store or Google Play and search "SHARP AR TV".

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