Using special ruggedised tablets, policemen can take images or identify suspects on the spot

High tech gadgets for policemen help reduce crime

Investment in new technology can help reduce crime despite budget cuts, Hertfordshire chief constable Andy Bliss said.

During Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May's visit to Hertfordshire, Bliss showed them the use of ‘toughpads’ – ruggedised tablets that allow officers to record crime while on the beat.

Bliss hailed the technology that enables photography at crime scenes or immediate identification of suspects for contributing to the 15 per cent drop in crime in the county during the last year. Hertfordshire Constabulary is one of the first forces to pilot the use of the technology.

"This is the latest generation of technology," Bliss said. "This enables officers to do in their professional lives what they are often able to do in their private lives, so it's a big leap forward for us."

According to Bliss, with the help of the technology the Hertfordshire county police managed to curb crime despite budget restrictions. In January a package of £6.3m of savings in the force's budget for 2013/14 was approved, outlining that 60 officer and 76 staff posts should be cut, according to reports.

"We know we've got to make the best use of every pound of public money, that's what we're doing," Bliss commented.

"It isn't about percentages and I think all of us as chief constables know that," he said. "It's about the misery that crime brings to people's lives, the blight it brings to families, the upset. It's just great to see so many fewer victims in the county."

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