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Quirky Pivot Power


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Quirky Pivot Power


It’s a quirky design for a multiplug extension lead, with possibly an even more quirky story behind its route to market. The Pivot Power, finally available in EU and UK socket designs, is a smart extension plug system. Between each socket is a pivot, so it can bend around furniture and twist so that you can fit five plugs on it, even if those plugs include awkwardly-shaped ones with built-in transformers etc. There’s also built-in surge protection too. Smarter still, the design originated on Quirky.com - a crowdsourcing site where site users vote up projects to become fully-realised products.



Razer Blade

from $1,799

The “world’s thinnest gaming notebook” is just 0.66” thin. And its creators reckon it’s not just slimmed down by chucking out all-important gaming processing power. They also label it the “thinnest, most powerful 14” laptop in the world” - with Intel Core i7 2.2GHz+ quad-core processor, 8GB memory, nVidia GeForce GTX 765M 2GB graphics, 14” 1,600x900 screen and from 128GB SSD it is undeniably a serious bit of portable kit. Of course, the price takes quite a hike from squeezing all that tech into that little space. Still, if you must play the latest games on the go at the fastest speeds...



Pure Evoke F4


The latest Pure to join its growing family of multiroom products is this radio. It works on its own as a digital, internet and FM radio, or in concert with other devices. Via Bluetooth, it can stream music from most smartphones and tablets, but smarter still, it can wirelessly connect to any other Pure “Jongo” product - letting you stream the same song to multiple hi-fis around the house, with products such as the Jongo A2 (£100) plugging into a traditional hi-fi and Jongo S3 (£170) working as a standalone portable speaker - all significantly undercutting the equivalent Sonos products.



MOGA Pro controller


nVidia caused a storm of comments when it announced its “Project Shield” handheld Android/PC streaming games console this year - mainly because of how ugly it looked. Now here comes the MOGA range that handles much of the functionality of nVidia’s rival at a fraction of the price. It’s a Bluetooth wireless controller with arm that grips your smartphone sideways. Dual analogue sticks, shoulder triggers and face buttons, plus a D-pad, deliver standard gaming controls, while the Moga Pivot app ensures control compatibility with an expanding Android games library, including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Pac-Man and Speedball 2 Evolution among many others.



Kobo Aura HD


The highest-resolution eReader screen on the market - the pure e-ink reader features a 6.8” 256ppi 1,440x1,080 screen. It also totes a 1GHz processor, 4GB memory (plus MicroSD slot) and ComfortLight for in-the-dark reading. The problem? Is there any need to buy dedicated eReaders any more, when devices such as the 7” Nexus 7 are so cheap, and so good at using as an eReader (the Nexus has a 7” 1,280 x 800 resolution for 216ppi, for only 20 quid more)? Admittedly, the Aura HD trounces the Nexus 7 on battery life but unless you’re far away from a charger, the colour-screened multimedia tablets win.



Bang & Olufsen BeLab 14

from £2,495

Unusually for Bang & Olufsen, this surround sound home cinema speaker system isn’t designed solely for B&O TV owners. The centrepiece is the 8” driver tulip-shaped subwoofer that also houses digital amplification and signal processing for the tiny satellite speakers. The result is clear bass notes through the sub, clear mid-range and high notes through the satellites only, allowing them to be smaller - and thus not only look flasher, but be mounted just about anywhere including walls and ceiling. The system comes in four and five-speaker configurations - with B&O TV owners using their built-in speaker as the centre channel.


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