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The 125-metre high dam built in 1976 needs urgent remedial engineering otherwise it might burst

European MPs call for action over Sarsang reservoir

MPs from 18 European nations have called for "urgent and immediate political action" over the state of the Sarsang Reservoir in Armenia-occupied Nagorno-Karabakh.

Last month, at a conference in Vienna it was revealed that the 125m-high dam, built in 1976, needs urgent remedial engineering otherwise it might burst, threatening to flood 30 villages.

The dam, despite being built by Azerbaijan is now in the hands of Armenia, which has occupied the territory since the 1990s.

The current PACE motion, initiated by Azerbaijan, has raised support of 45 MPs from several European countries including Italy, San Marino, the UK, Finland, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Andorra, Spain, Macedonia, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Romania,  Lithuania, Ireland and Austria.

Azerbaijan, which fears the extent of the humanitarian catastrophe failure of the dam could cause to the region, has expressed doubt that the issue will receive the much-needed attention, especially after previous motions regarding Armenia have been dismissed by PACE.

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