West-London's Heathrow airport is not in consideration for further expansion

Boris' airport expansion plans rule out Heathrow

Expansion of the Stansted airport, a new four-runway airport on Kent’s Isle of Grain or the artificial Thames Estuary ‘Boris Island’ are the most likely options for London’s airport expansion.

Johnson puts the proposals forward in a report to be submitted to the government-appointed commission this week, ruling out the possible expansion of west London’s Heathrow airport.

"Ambitious cities all over the world are already stealing a march on us and putting themselves in a position to eat London's breakfast, lunch and dinner by constructing mega airports that plug them directly into the global supply chains that we need to be part of,” Johnson said.

"Those cities have moved heaven and earth to locate their airports away from their major centres of population, in areas where they have been able to build airports with four runways or more," he said, explaining why expanding the existing hub airport in Heathrow should not be the option.

Instead, he suggests, the west-London area could support future housing development projects and generate up to 100,000 new homes that London badly needed.

"Heathrow can never solve our problems and our studies show that we're better off with a new site,” said Johnson's chief adviser on aviation, Daniel Moylan.

"The immense noise, pollution and congestion that would result from expanding an airport located in the heart of our suburbs would potentially devastate the greatest city in the world."

The new airport, that could be completed by 2029, according to Johnson, would be able to support more than 375,000 new jobs by 2050 and add £742bn to the value of goods and services produced in the UK. The plan expects most of Heathrow’s workers to relocate to the new site.

"For London and the wider UK to remain competitive we have to build an airport capable of emulating that scale of growth. Anyone who believes there would be the space to do that at Heathrow, which already blights the lives of hundreds of thousands of Londoners, is quite simply crackers," Johnson concluded.

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