Samsung rolled out its long awaited curved OLED TVs

Samsung launches OLED TV with $13 000 price tag

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its 140cm-screen OLED TV today, following the company’s rival LG into the niche market. The awaited device will cost five times the amount of a conventional TV set.

LG preceded Samsung with the launch of the OLED technology in May this year and introduced its product at the very same price of $13,000. OLED, standing for organic light-emitted diode, enables creating flexible screens and displays as thin as a sheet of paper and promises new level of colour depiction.

However, the technology is still nascent and production costs are extremely high. On the other hand, OLED displays are able to run using a fraction of energy traditional LCDs require.

The two South Korean technology giants are so far the only players in the niche OLED TV market.

Samsung hopes successful implementation of OLED’s in the company’s smartphones, such as the Galaxy S4, will stir consumers’ interest in OLED technology.

Despite being widely considered as the ‘next big thing’ in the audio-visual world, OLED is probably not going to knock out the currently prevailing LCDs in a way LCDs did to the cathode ray tubes several years ago, experts believe.

Samsung is currently producing its OLED TV screens in one small factory. Insiders say the yields are at this stage rather limited as seven out of ten screens come out of the production line faulty, mainly due to difficulties in spreading the organic light emitting substance evenly across the large TV screens.

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