A debut gig of a robot rock band in Tokyo was a real success

Robot rock band perform their debut live concert

The robot rock band Z-Machines performed their debut live gig in front of 100 people in Tokyo on Monday.

The band of so-called Zima machines, currently a huge hit at Tokyo’s party scene, is fronted by dreadlocked guitarist and singer Mach, backed up by keyboardist Cosmo and six-armed drummer Ashura. In their debut show they played three songs, including one in collaboration with Japanese girl pop duo Amoyamo.

The band’s manager, or supervisor, is Professor Yoichiro Kawaguchi of Tokyo University. He believes robots are a natural continuation of the evolution of life. “I wanted to create something that might exist hundreds of millions of years from now,” he said.

Though they may lack subtlety and nuance, the robots display some truly superhuman qualities. The guitarist, for example, can play a heavy metal riff at 600 beats per minute.

Aspiring cyber composers can submit arrangements for the band to play either as a MIDI file or via the Nana iPhone music app.

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