PTC has announced its Creo design and analysis tool will be available and supported in a virtual desktop environment

PTC Creo to be available in a virtualised environment

PTC has announced that its Creo design and analysis tool will be available and supported in a virtual desktop environment.

Analyst Gartner estimates that by 2015 virtualised physical servers deployed for hosted virtual desktops (HVD) workloads will account for 16.7 per cent of virtualised physical servers for all workloads. HVD workloads are among the fastest growing sectors worldwide.

Five of the company’s leading apps – PTC Creo Parametric, PTC Creo Direct, PTC Creo Layout, PTC Creo Options Modeller and PTC Creo Simulate, have been verified as Citrix Ready.

Starting with PTC Creo 2.0, these applications will be supported by PTC when running on virtualised desktops on an IBM server through a Citrix and NVIDIA-powered integration.

This virtual environment will enable customers to realise improved performance when working with large assemblies stored on a remote server, while ensuring IP protection of the design data and streamlining administration and deployment of PTC Creo.

It will also grant users the freedom to work on a wider variety of operating systems – including mobile – through the Citrix Receiver and NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology.

In design and manufacturing today, customers face increased pressure to reduce IT costs, while improving flexibility and performance.

They need to have the ability to get global teams up and running quickly in new locations, and they need all teams to be able to easily access the latest software installation by updating a single server. Virtualisation of design and analysis applications can help IT managers accomplish this.

“Some power users experience network bandwidth limitations when they work with their largest assemblies, simply because they need to move a lot of data from a PTC Windchill server to their local workspace,” said Mike Campbell, executive vice president, CAD Segment, PTC.

“This inefficiency slows the design process for some of our customers’ most proficient users. But now imagine working on huge assemblies in PTC Creo with little to no network latency impacting your part load times because all of the data is right there, potentially on the same server rack as PTC Windchill, and is therefore almost immediately available.

“You actually have a better user experience than if you tried loading the data across the network to your local machine.”

In addition to the performance edge, running in a virtualised environment offers customers a level of IP protection that is not available with alternate deployment methods. Company data stays on its servers, allowing customers complete freedom to collaborate with external design partners in real-time using the same design data.

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