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India becomes second largest telephone network as mobile data traffic is predicted to grow 12-fold before the end of 2018, in this month’s figures.


A fifth of the goods that enter or leave Europe by sea pass through one of just three ports: Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp, according to European Commission data on tonnes handled. Five of the 20 busiest ports are British, headed by Immingham in 8th position. The Commission wants to reduce congestion and develop short sea links by creating a network of 319 key ports. It is proposing sector-specific rules to cut red tape and encourage port operators to upgrade their services and facilities.



A massive boom in mobile phone penetration has seen India’s telephone network become the second-largest in the world, after China.

The Indian Ministry of Communications said overall teledensity stood at 73 per cent in January 2013 - a tenfold increase in nine years. Rural teledensity has reached 40 per cent. Over 96 per cent of all connections are wireless, with a subscriber base of nearly 865 million in December 2012.



Mobile data traffic doubled between Q1 2012 and Q1 2013 and looks set to grow 12-fold by the end of 2018, according to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report. Video makes up the largest segment of data traffic in networks and is growing by 60 per cent a year, driven by better network speeds and availability of content.



Around 17 per cent of UK commercial buildings could be deemed unlettable within five years without work to improve their energy performance, according to analysis by engineering consultancy WSP.

New regulations come into force in 2018. WSP says a building’s energy rating may be improved by obtaining accurate data rather than relying on default assumptions, but upgrading to efficient



Analysts from IMS research say around 450 million remote controls using wireless radio frequency technology will ship over the next five years, accounting for 18 per cent of all such devices by 2018.

RF signalling offers functions that are not possible with standard infrared technology, including non-line-of-sight control, voice or touch control and motion detection.



A nurse in Paris has become the 10,000th European customer for Nissan’s Leaf electric car, which first went on sale in the region in March 2011.

The landmark was reached as the company prepared to launch a new British-built Leaf with over 100 changes and upgrades based on feedback.

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