Virgin Atlantic is among the best rated companies according to

Airline safety ranking website outs UK and Irish carriers

The world’s first independent airline rating website compares 425 companies from around the globe, with British and Irish carriers revealed to be among the best – and worst.

The project, is run by award-winning Australian aviation editor and author Geoffrey Thomas, who, together with a team of other aviation editors, has developed the site over a two-year period, taking into account various data.

Airlines are rated in two categories – safety and product quality. The safety rating has a maximum value of seven, while the product quality rating is divided into two subcategories with premium airlines having the maximum value of seven and the low-cost and regional airlines five.

For the safety rating, the creators have analysed various documents such as audits from aviation’s governing bodies and associations, government audits and the airline fatality records. Among the overall best-rated are Virgin Atlantic, Quantas and Emirates, scoring seven points in both categories. On the other hand EasyJet and Ryan Air only scored five points in safety and 2.5 in product quality.

"British and Irish Airlines have led the way with product innovation for decades but they are now slipping behind," Thomas said.

Among the world’s worst are, according to the website, Nepalese Lion Air and Yeti Airlines, Myanmar’s Yangon Airlines and Suriname’s Beluwing.

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