Magnetomatics received �100,000 to advance its innovative transmission concept for hybrid cars

�100 000 for next generation power- split device

An innovative transmission concept has been awarded £100,000 by the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to be further advanced in cooperation with hybrid car manufacturers.

Yorkshire-based Magnetomatics, a specialist in advanced magnetic transmission systems and high-torque electrical machines, will use the funding provided in the framework of the SMART scheme to improve the system and fuel efficiency of today’s hybrid cars.

Known as MAG SPLIT, the solution is believed to have been attracting a lot of interest of vehicle manufacturers who reportedly see it as a considerable improvement compared to the conventional mechanical gear and the motor/generation combination, which is being used in today’s hybrid cars.

Recently, Magnetomatics has started working with an international truck and bus manufacturing company on a project evaluating the usability of the MAG SPLIT device in larger vehicles. The company believes that although being mainly developed for automotive applications, it has a large potential for a variety of other sectors, including off-highway vehicles, rail, marine and wind energy generation.

Magnetomatics, founded in 2006 as a spin-out from a research group of Electrical Machines and Drives at the University of Sheffield, has previously secured £2.5 million funding to develop magnetically geared motors and generators for the hybrid and electric vehicle market.

The SMART scheme, which has provided the recent funding, targets small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and engages them in R&D projects in strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology, from which successful new products, processes and services could emerge.

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