MIT has taken top spot in the latest QS World University Rankings

US universities top engineering and tech rankings

Budding engineers and technologists would be best advised to cross the pound to attend US universities.

Britain’s top universities fared well in the latest QS World University Rankings with Cambridge, UCL and Oxford all making the top five list for overall performance.

But US universities such as MIT, UCB and Stanford lead the way when it comes to subjects such as IT, engineering and materials science.

In total, the third QS Rankings rated universities worldwide in 30 different disciplines, with the rankings based on the opinions of academics and employers.

QS head of research Ben Sowter said the chances of gaining a job are becoming increasingly important to students who are often now paying more to study for a degree.

"As the UK and governments around the world move towards the 'student pays' model on higher education funding, employability is increasingly crucial to graduates," he said.

He insisted that the QS rankings are the only ones that take into account employers' views of degree courses.

The top five universities for each engineering discipline are listed below. For the full list visit the QS website. Rankings for

1. MIT
2. University of Cambridge
3. Harvard University
4. UCL (University College London)
5. University of Oxford

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
1. MIT
2. Stanford University
3. UCB
4. University of Cambridge
5. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering
1. MIT
2. Stanford University
3. University of Cambridge
4= Imperial College London
4= UCB

Computer Science and Information Systems
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2. Stanford University
3. University of Oxford
4. Carnegie Mellon University
5. University of Cambridge

Civil and Structural Engineering
1. Imperial College London
2. UCB
3. The University of Tokyo
4. Delft University of Technology
5. MIT

Chemical Engineering
1. MIT
2. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
3. Imperial College London
4. University of Oxford
5. University of Cambridge

Materials Sciences
1. MIT
2. UCB
3. Stanford University
4. University of Cambridge
5. Imperial College London

1. University of Cambridge
2. MIT
3. Harvard University
4. UCB
5. University of Oxford

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