Mark Humphries and daughter on the French Alps

Photo Competition results

We announce the winners and runners up of our 'Bring E&T to Unusual Places' photo competition.

"One must not take photos. It is the photo that takes you." So said the widely-proclaimed father of modern photojournalism, Frenchman Henri Cartier-Bresson. And may we add to that the following: "And it is E&T magazine that takes you to the most unusual places", for that was the brief for our latest photo competition: take a shot of your lovingly thumbed engineering organ in the most interesting and unusual place you can manage.

It turns out there was no better brief to showcase our tireless and peripatetic readers, who had sent us their photos of the magazine being read in China and New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, Ireland and France, Lesotho and the Azores, and many more places besides. As for the specific shoot locations, well, they varied from the readers' own living rooms to tree branches, and from skiing pistes to mountain peaks confirming the expression, coined by the famous Austrian photographer Ernst Haas, to the effect that a photographer's legs are his or her best zoom lens.

To be honest, some of the very first entries puzzled – even worried – us a little, for they were almost exclusively photos of our readers enjoying (or so we hoped) their E&T in bathrooms and toilets. No hypocrites, we were happy to accept that at times we all did our reading in those intimate places. However, with the best will in the world, they could hardly be qualified as 'unusual', no matter how unhygienic some of them appeared on the photos.

These bathroom-reading enthusiasts had obviously failed to read the conditions of the competition (clearly listed in the February 2013 issue of E&T) thoroughly enough. Another group of readers supplied some perfectly fine snapshots of people and locations, including such spectacular sites as the Great Wall of China, with E&T magazine either invisible or perhaps very carefully hidden from view. These shots were less Cartier-Bresson, more 'Where's Wally?', so we had, reluctantly, to set them aside.

Yet, to our huge relief (no bathroom puns here, please), the overwhelming majority of entries were excellent and fully corresponded to photography's main creative principle, as formulated by the formidable French photographer.

Let us now give the floor to our respected judging panel. Included therein is Sylvain Margaine, an acclaimed photo artist and author of 'Forbidden Places ' Exploring Our Abandoned Heritage', a 256-page gift album by Jonglez publishers and one of the two prizes (the second being a 208-page 'Private Islands for Rent' album by the same publisher) that each of the three winners will receive.

Here are our three lucky winners and their winning photos, with the photographers' own captions.

We have also selected several runners-up. Although they haven't won any prizes, we are delighted to reproduce four of their photos in the magazine, and the remaining – on our webstite (http:// beatup.cfm) and on Flickr (

Congratulations to our winners and runners up!

Please keep sending us your photos, with or without your copy of E&T!

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