The majority of the outages were attributed to faulty equipment or human error (credit Corbis)

South east 'is worst for blackouts'

South east England suffered more publicly reported electricity blackouts in 2012 than any other region in the UK.

Nearly 30 per cent of the outages recorded for power management company Eaton’s annual Blackout Tracker report were in the south-east region (71 out of 246).

Greater London fared much better, with only 19 reported outages, showing a steady improvement over the previous two years.

These are raw figures, not weighted for duration or the number of people affected.

Eaton produces the report to raise awareness of the risks to business from power failures and the desirability of having a power protection plan.

Sources for the data include news services, newspapers, websites and personal accounts.

The majority of the outages (63 per cent) were attributed to faulty equipment or human error, but a clear seasonal pattern peaking in winter shows the effect of weather-related incidents on the network.

Research from Price Waterhouse cited in the report indicates that when power outages affect IT systems, a company can take up to 48 hours to reconfigure a network and days, or even weeks, to re-enter lost data.

Further information:

Copies of the Blackout Tracker UK 2012 report can be downloaded from Eaton’s website

Similar reports are produced for the United States, Canada and Australia/New Zealand.

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