A new apprenticeship scheme has been launched by Thales UK and Prospects College.

New apprentice scheme for young rail engineers

A new apprenticeship scheme to recruit and train the next generation of rail engineers has been launched by Thales UK and Prospects College.

Apprentices will be trained to work on signalling and communications installation, testing and commissioning, and on-going maintenance and services. The new apprenticeship scheme will supplement Thales’s graduate recruitment programme, offering an alternative approach to maintaining the company’s skills base. The scheme ensures that by the end of the apprenticeship, the young engineers will have had three to four years to work in, and fully understand, the business.

Prospects College will provide a complete apprenticeship management service to Thales, including the recruitment of the apprentices, planning of the four-year apprenticeship, delivery of the engineering practical and theory training, and assessment of competence in the workplace.

“For Thales to stay at the forefront of signalling and related rail infrastructure projects in the UK, and more broadly for the UK to have the right level of engineering skills to meet future demand, we must ensure that the right training programmes are in place,” says Alistair McPhee, vice-president of Ground Transportation Systems for Thales in the UK. “Our new apprenticeship programme will offer in-depth and comprehensive training for young people who want to combine learning and working.”

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