Redact are offering �50,000 to anyone who can hack into their secure instant messenger

Hacking challenge for 'uncrackable' instant messanger

The makers of an “uncrackable” secure instant messaging app are offering £50,000 to anyone who can decode a message.

Redact, which the makers claim puts government quality-encryption in the hands of anyone with a smartphone, allows users to permanently delete both sides of any message chain.

To celebrate the launch they are giving a free copy of the app to all UK MPs, the board members of every FTSE 250 company, and any journalist at a UK national newspaper who wants it.

In a statement the company said: “We are giving this away to people in these sensitive positions because we are absolutely confident that our app is completely uncrackable; indeed, we are offering a standing reward of £50,000 to anyone who can intercept and decode the challenge message which constantly bounces between two phones in our challenge location.

“We'll even give you the location of the phones, which will make the actual interception easier.”

The app allows users to redact and instantly destroy any message sent using the application by tapping the redact button – instantly deleting the message from both the user and their contact’s.

The firm claim that unlike other instant messaging apps Redact stores no messages, contact information or usernames so there is no information to be stolen as the app never asks for a username, email or phone number.

Instead users are automatically assigned a randomly generated PIN, which is never stored anywhere, and there is no recovery tool for hackers to exploit.

The statement continued: “The secret to Redact is it sends heavily encrypted messages from one phone to another without passing through any central servers, in addition to deploying the top industry levels of encryption, and complex ciphers.

“The messages have to be intercepted in the air to be read, and even if intercepted, come through as encrypted gibberish to anyone but your specific contact.”

“On top of that, messages you have sent or received can be redacted from either handsets at the touch of a button with no method of recovery.”

More information on the Redact Cracking Challenge is available here.

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