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Must-have job apps to get you hired

The Internet is a vast depot for job vacancies – and thanks to the proliferation of employment hunting apps it’s now possible to search for that dream job – on the go.

Pocket CV

£1.99 – iPhone, iPad
Uploading a CV is one thing but actually creating a waffle-free CV on no more than two sides of A4 is another. Pocket CV, downloadable from iTunes, is a great way of achieving a concise but impressive résumé. It’s divided into seven sections that you fill out, then by tapping the ‘Preview’ button you can see what the whole thing looks like.

You can build as many CVs as you like and have eight different designs to choose from. When you’re finished you can email directly from the app or copy it to Dropbox for further twiddling on your computer. It also works in conjunction with a LinkedIn account – whereby you can import all the data from that into your new CV.

Indeed Job Search

Free – iPhone, iPad, Android
Available via iTunes or Google Play for the Android version, this is particularly good if you’re looking to broaden your horizons in that it has access to gazillions of job boards and websites in over 50 countries including the UK, Ireland, Canada, India and South Africa – in 26 languages no less.

You just key in a job title, keyword or company, choose an area or country in which you want to work and it will bring up a list. Conveniently it consigns your searches to its memory and lets you see new vacancies added since you last looked. The app also lets you create and edit your CV and apply for a position direct from your device.


Free - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Designed specifically for freelancers, PeoplePerHour is popular with students or recent graduates who use the site to set up business on their own or who are looking for short term work to bolster CVs. Downloadable via iTunes there are 1000s of jobs posted each day and some of the biggest categories are engineering, web and software development.

The ‘Hourlie’ feature is particularly clever. It lets you browse jobs you can complete within a few hours and when you’ve found one you can buy an ‘Hourlie’ within the app and get started on the move. Conversely you can post an ‘Hourlie’ – i.e. advertise your services with videos or photos. The ‘WorkStream’ function also lets you view all the jobs you have bubbling.

Monster Jobs

Free – iPhone, iPad, Android
One of the UK’s most popular search tools, this uses Monster’s dedicated ‘6Sense’ search technology so you can look for roles specific to your experience by keyword and location - and see where each is based thanks to direct access to GoogleMaps.

You can also save your searches and email them to your computer. If you have a Monster account already set up, you can log in and access all your stored CVs and covering letters, select what you need and apply for a job directly from the app. And rather handily the ‘Apply History’ function lets you keep track of all the jobs you’ve applied for and view the number of employers who have reviewed your CV.

Interview Questions Pro

Free – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
You’ve selected a job and tantalised prospective employers with your amazing CV – now it’s crunch time. This little gem downloadable from iTunes will help you successfully navigate your way through the dreaded interview. It contains over 600 flashcards covering pretty much every question imaginable.

Practice questions are neatly split into sections such as work history, critical thinking and, naturally, questions about yourself. Tapping on each question flips the flashcard to reveal what you should be saying – not word for word but in the general direction. You can also personalise the questions and, in a nice touch, pick from several directed at your potential employer.


Free - iPhone, iPad, Android
The first app in the UK to allow job hunters to apply for positions directly from their phones now has around 4.7 million users – each of which get a free CV review on registering at the CV-Library website. This heavyweight has a selection of featured recruiters from over 70 industries and carries upwards of 50,000 real-time job vacancies, which you can view instantly.

Crucially it has a well-designed user interface that makes it easy to trawl through zillions of search results. The iPad version, for example, has an easy-to-scroll job list on the left with specific information - location, wage and description - for each on the right. You can also save your job searches, edit your covering letters and email stuff to yourself or a friend.


Free – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
This nifty app comes into play for impromptu situations like if you have zip a job-specific CV over to someone unexpectedly. Point to note: the actual app is free via iTunes and you can create a CV without paying a penny but in order to get the best out of it you really need the database of ‘Strengths’ which you can buy as an In-App purchase for £1.99.

Then you have access to 400 ways of describing what you do and what you’re good at. It’s worth reading the short introduction to the reasoning behind ResuM8 before kicking off and then once you’re done you can send your CV as a PDF or RTF file, and can attach a covering letter too.


Free – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
One of the best ways of touting for work is networking now known as ‘cyber-schmoozing’. LinkedIn, which is designed purely for this purpose, now has an app (downloadable from its website or Google Play) that allows you to keep tabs on what’s happening on the go. Even if you’ve had little or no work experience it’s still worth creating a profile as with currently 200 million users worldwide you’re bound to connect with people you know.

You can create a virtual CV, join LinkedIn groups to keep up on the latest job openings, view and save recommended jobs, and get the lowdown about specific people and companies. The iPad version also allows you to see who’s been looking at your profile too, plus you can also request recommendations to boost your profile.

Jobsite Jobs

Free – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7
Jobsite’s app also works in conjunction with its website – in that when registering you can also upload your CV so you can apply for jobs on the hoof. It’s pretty easy to master: you just type in a job title (commonly used monikers work best) and in the location box input the city or postcode of where you’re hoping to work. You can also expand on a location by using the ‘search radius’ feature to tell the app how far around an area you want to look.

Choosing or excluding full-time, temporary or part-time employment you can look at vacancies from ‘just posted’ to anywhere up to seven days. There are several sifting options too should your search throw up rather more than you expected: ‘Settings’ lets you select more or less on the screen, you can view in either detail or summary form, and sort by date, relevance or salary.

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