nVidia Project Shield


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nVidia Project Shield


There’s a lot of innovation coming to the gaming market this year, as well as the return of traditional consoles in the form of the Sony PS4 and Microsoft’s next Xbox, there’s Android home console Ouya and this. nVidia’s Project Shield (out TBA) mates a 5” 720p high-def Android touchscreen with a gamepad and then links via wi-fi to a PC with GeForce GTX graphics - playing PC games (including titles on the popular Steam download service) on the wirelessly using the controller and screen wherever you are at home. The next step? Enabling Steam/PC gaming outside the home...



Teva TevaSphere range


Running shoes are often designed for specific gaits, while “barefoot” running shoes even require you to adopt your gait to work properly. Not this new range of shoes from Teva. Most runners heel strike first, and the TevaSphere’s heavily rounded heel means you lose less momentum and roll more naturally if you do. Then “pod-based arch supports” (two mid-foot bulges) act like rails, helping your foot roll forward in a straight line, no matter what’s under your feet. So far, the range is aimed at trail or offroad runners primarily - with performance over rocks, grass and mud being emphasised.



GoPro Hero3

from £200

GoPro had already established itself as the king of toughened, action sports cameras. The Hero3 adds a lot to that already popular package - it’s smaller, lighter, takes better video (now up to 4K resolution or 1080p @ 60 frames per second for the Black Edition Hero 3), works better in low light, takes better stills and bursts, has better audio and, phew, built-in wi-fi. The end result is not just a video camera for extreme sports enthusiasts, but one even professional photographers and videographers will turn to as the tiny still/video camera you’re not afraid to put anywhere.



Steadicam Smoothee


Return Of The Jedi’s speeder bikes through the forest, Raging Bull’s in-the-ring action and the Dunkirk landings in Atonement - all iconic movie scenes shot with a Steadicam. Now the same technology is available to iPhone and GoPro users in the form of this cheaper, but functionally very similar model. Balance is adjustable, including the option to run the rig upside down, as Kubrick did to capture Danny on his trike riding through the deserted hallways of The Shining. Operation is as simple as using the grip, with a thumb on the rig to nudge it the way you want it to turn.



Samsung Chromebook


App support is improving for Chrome as thousands of popular apps, not just mail, news, but entertainment and games apps are now plentiful for the Chromebook. From Chrome’s Web Store, you can quickly create shortcuts on your new tab page to launch your favourite web apps. Obviously, it works best when its connected to the Web. If Google is the centre of your world, then this will do just nicely. One small caveat, the screen resolution is a bit of a let-down when watching video.



Pure Sensia 200D Connect


But it also inherits the awkward resistive touch screen of the previous version making it difficult to operate when compared to capacitive touch screens. Even so, with the faster processor, its quick to change channels, whether you’re tuning into analogue, DAB or Internet radio stations. You can also download content via iLounge - which also allows you to stream music on your network.


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