Academics from the University of Salford have compiled a free guide to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Lean construction

Free BIM and Lean construction guide released

A definitive and free guide to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Lean construction has been compiled.

Five of the world’s leading academics in the development of the latest efficient and digital methods of construction have written a guide for the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA).

Designed for practical use by clients, designers and construction companies, the guide covers the entire lifecycle of implementing and embedding these more efficient methods into a company or project – resulting in lower costs and quotes during hard economic times.

Professor Lauri Koskela from the University of Salford’s School of the Built Environment led the writing of the guide along with colleagues Professor Arto Kiviniemi, Bhargav Dave and Dr Patricia Tzortzopoulos, alongside former Salford academic Robert Owen from the Queensland University of Technology.

“This is very much a practical guide for the industry and in keeping with Salford’s objectives of helping UK construction become more efficient and sustainable,” said Prof Koskela.

“We’re very grateful to CIRIA for taking the initiative with the guide and helping us to create it and we’d urge as many people of all levels in the sector to take advantage of a significant free resource to save money and improve their businesses.”

The University is working hard within the UK to make the construction industry aware of the benefits of BIM ahead of the Government’s imminent requirement for the whole industry to trial both it and Lean on public sector projects.

As a result the guide not only contains advice, but successful examples sourced from the authors’ experience around the world in countries where BIM and Lean is much more firmly entrenched in the sector – including facilities management at Maryland General Hospital and planning techniques for the Skanska Headquarters in Finland.

Dr Owen Jenkins, from CIRIA, said: “The CIRIA project steering group brought together academics, Lean consultancies, client, contracting and other organisations. The resulting guides should therefore be of interest to a wide readership and lead to a greater awareness and implementation of Lean in construction.”

The guides can be downloaded from the CIRIA website.

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