Eon Reality's Icube is a PC based multi-sided immersive environment which surrounds users with virtual imagery and 3D sound

Firm offers free 12 month 3D software coding course

A 3D software company will offer 100 free places on a 12 month coding course specialising in interactive 3D technology skills.

EON Reality officially opened its new interactive research and development centre in Manchester this week, which includes an Entrepreneur Coding School offering a course covering coding, 3D modelling and design and development to youngsters.

The course is part of the Californian company’s plan to revolutionise learning in mainstream education by promoting 3D immersive teaching tools, like those it produces, in UK schools.

Dan Lejerskar, co-founder and chairman of EON Reality, first used 3D technology when working at Volvo Aerospace as program manager for the Arianne 5 rocket program.

He said:  “We want to bring interactive 3D technology into UK schools as this helps children learn faster, retain more knowledge and improve test results.

“We are passionate about this technology. 3D excites, engages and immerses the viewer in previously inaccessible locations making it ideal for the classroom.  The technology has the ability to transport students beyond the boundaries of space and time, making learn fun.”

A pilot course is currently underway with the full course starting in September 2013. It is designed for 18 to 24-year-olds with some experience of digital technology, but no formal qualifications are required and older and younger applicants will be considered.

The top 50 per cent of each cohort will be offered a permanent job with EON Reality upon graduating and one trainee will be awarded an internship in California or Singapore, but the  expertise students will acquire will translate into other sectors such as architectural and product visualisation work, games creation, multi-media design, and broadcast media.

Ken Swain, managing director of EON Reality in the UK, said: “We are creating a circle of education.  We’re teaching young people skills to produce 3D teaching tools that will help educate the next generation.

“The Entrepreneur Coding School is already training its first cohort and the showroom is packed with state-of-the-art 3D technology.  Manchester is aspiring to be a global digital city by 2020 and we are determined to help it get there. Our free 12 month coding course can nurture young talent and furnish them with a valuable skill that will set them up for life.”

The firm says studies have shown 3D technology improves test results by an average of 17 per cent and increases attention levels to 92 per cent during 3D lessons compared to 46 per cent in the traditional learning environment.

They also claim it increases levels of questioning and can help children who find learning difficult such as those with conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, autism.  

Mats Johansson, co-founder, president and CEO of EON Reality, said: “This technology offers a paradigm shift in the way we teach and learn

“We are creating a learning revolution that will help future generations become better educated and succeed in core STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects which are currently suffering a decline.

“We believe ‘seeing is believing’ which is why immersive teaching tools out-perform traditional learning methods across the entire curriculum.  3D Virtual Reality images are so powerful in engaging and explaining that attention levels and test results immediately increase.

“We are passionate about this technology and excited about the enormous potential it has for improving attainment levels in schools. This type of learning has had a bit impact in the States and we want to make 3D technology the norm for learning in Europe.”

For more information, visit the firm's website.

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