Engineering students who get three grade As at A Level could get a �1,000 a year scholarship

Scholarship for engineers with three As at A Level

A £1,000 a year scholarship will reward engineering students who get three grade As at A Level.

The Diamond Jubilee Scholarships initiative has been launched by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) will reward students who achieve three grade ‘A’s at A Level, or the equivalent three ‘A’ grade Advanced Highers or five ‘A’ grade Highers.

Any student achieving the grade and starting an IET accredited engineering or technology degree course this Autumn, will be entitled to an annual scholarship of £1,000 for up to four years.

The initiative was launched to encourage bright young students to consider studying engineering and technology.

Prof Andy Hopper, IET President, said: “Engineering and technology are thriving in the UK but there is a very real problem with skills shortages to fill the jobs available. The IET wants to encourage young people to study engineering and technology and go on to pursue careers in these sectors.

“Job prospects in these sectors continue to look strong, with companies continually seeking talented graduate engineers and scientists, as well as technicians and apprentices.”

The IET’s 2012 Skills and Demand in Industry Survey shows that, for the first time since the recession, companies are more confident in expanding their engineering workforce.

And starting salaries for graduate engineers and technicians are amongst the highest of all graduate salaries, but there still remains a national shortage of engineers.

Students can now apply for the scholarships by visiting

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