Sainsbury Management Fellowship

MBA bursary awards to give engineers business edge

The Sainsbury Management Fellowship (SMF) has awarded £300,000 in bursaries to high-flying engineers to study for an MBA at international business schools.

The successful engineers, aged 29 to 39, each receive £30,000 enabling them to add business, finance and marketing knowledge to their engineering skills.

“We are getting more engineers into business leadership positions so that they can use their combined skills to build businesses that create jobs and wealth for society,” said David Falzani, SMF president. “The bursaries help engineers to gain the business knowledge and experience needed to become business leaders and entrepreneurs; people who provide solutions to modern challenges, such as renewable energy and data security. We have already helped 300 engineers gain 400 director and NED positions in blue-chip companies and thriving start-ups.”

New MBA candidates include Robin Northcott, a structural analyst who worked with the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team.

“I had three great years building F1 cars and wanted to explore new opportunities. I was seeking a career where I could use my strengths to make a positive impact on the world. By acquiring additional knowledge and skill, I can help to solve some of society’s challenges,” he said.

“I was inspired by the very idea of an MBA and found out about the SMF bursary while researching into MBAs and business schools. I am not 100 per cent sure yet what career I will pursue post-MBA, but that’s the joy of the SMF scheme. You do not have to commit to a career option up front to secure a bursary; you have breathing space to consider your options during the MBA programme.”

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