Sheffield students

Engineering students shine in the boardroom

More than 900 engineering students from the University of Sheffield showcased problem-solving ideas they hope will transform the industrial world.

The second year students showed off their pitching skills to a panel of leading industry experts at a week-long event designed to help them obtain skills to make them more employable engineers.

During the event entitled 'Engineering – You're Hired', the budding inventors were asked to come up with a solution to a range of real-life engineering obstacles.

The teams worked with representatives from nine departments in the university's Faculty of Engineering to create a professional project proposal before pitching it to the board of experts.

Drawing inspiration from television series 'The Apprentice', the multi-disciplinary teams elected a different student project manager each day to detail their daily progress to their board members.

"Our challenge was to establish a new method to use the jet stream, which controls a lot of our weather, as an energy source,” said aerospace engineering student Daniel Everington.

"The problem is that the jet stream is between 7km and 16km up, which means the project is very ambitious. Working with expert engineers from industry such as Siemens gave us a brilliant opportunity to find out about future careers and get a really helpful insight into what challenges we may face.

He added: "Taking part in an event like this is something which will be really good for our CVs as it was a brilliant learning experience." 

"In industry engineers have to work in groups, and this project puts all 900 of our second year students together in discipline spanning teams, using their specific skills to solve real industrial projects over a week,” highlighted Stephen Beck, director of Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Engineering.

"They are treated as professional engineers and it provides them with an insight of work. These employability skills will be vital as they apply for jobs and placements."

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