Where do you read your copy of E&T?

Where do you read yours?

A new challenge for E&T readers.

We are very happy to report that popularity of your magazine continues to grow. And its geography is expanding, too. You may be interested to know that E&T is now distributed in nearly 130 countries across the world, and among the recent emails and letters we have received were missives from Romania, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Estonia, New Zealand and Canada. Not to mention Essex and Rutland, of course. 

As the magazine’s features editor, I am always on the lookout for E&T readers and am always delighted to spot the magazine being read on the London Underground, on planes and trains, in parks and gardens, and in coffee shops and pubs.

We are very grateful for your continuing support, but not being in the habit of resting on our laurels (we prefer beds) are now inviting you to help us expand E&T’s reading territories even further.

Today we are launching a new photo competition under the motto ‘Bring E&T to Unusual Places!’ or simply ‘BEATUP!’.

We invite you to take photos of yourselves with E&T, or if you are camera-shy, of the magazine on its own, in unlikely locations and/or unusual surroundings, be they at your work place, where you live, or at a holiday resort. You can tweet them to our Twitter account: @eandtmagazine. Or email them to vvitaliev@theiet.org

To encourage you and to kick-start the competition, we have published some samples, with the following reminders.

  • Please make sure the photos are of a good publishable quality and resolution.
  • The locations have to be genuine, not computer-generated.
  • Don’t do anything foolhardy - no climbing on roofs or hanging out of skyscraper windows with the magazine in your hands. Respect historic monuments and sites.

The deadline for entries is 31 March 2013.

The competition is open to both members and non-members of the IET, with the exception of those on staff of E&T and Flipside magazines and members of their families. No purchase is necessary. The decision of the judges is final.

For the full rules, see http://bit.ly/eandt-competitions

The best three entrants will each win a set of two spectacular coffee-table-format photo albums by Jonglez - a Paris- and Venice-based international publisher of high-quality illustrated books, including the award-winning series of ‘Secret Guides Written by Locals’ and ‘Unusual Hotels’, many of which we have reviewed in E&T’s book review pages.

The prizes

1 ‘Forbidden Places - Exploring Our Abandoned Heritage’ - a 256-page gift album with 350 highly dramatic photos of forgotten and once-famous structures and venues, including Berlin’s 1936 Olympic Village, the filming location of ‘12 Monkeys’, abandoned steel factories, phantom metro and railway stations, castles, locomotives and many more. We have asked Sylvain Margaine, the author and photographer of the album, to be among the competition judges.

2 ‘Private Islands for Rent’ - a 208-page album-cum-guide with more than 300 photos by Chris Krolow. The book features the world’s most exotic private islands whose owners have chosen to rent out their properties - an ideal coffee-table gift folio (we reviewed it in the January 2013 issue of E&T) for you and your guests to browse through.

We look forward to receiving your imaginative, ingenious and, most importantly, humorous photos of E&T in unusual surroundings.

Good luck and happy snapping!

Vitali Vitaliev,
features editor

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