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CommScope launches communications compendium e-book

Wireless infrastructure specialist CommScope has drawn on its engineers’ decades of collective experience to create a free e-book designed to provide anyone from marketing professionals to engineers with an overview of how RF technology works in practice.

‘Understanding the RF Path’ – expected to be the first in a series covering various communications industry topics – brings together knowledge acquired over the last 75 years by the company and others it has acquired, including the former Andrew Corporation whose name now serves as the brand for CommScope’s portfolio of wireless solutions.

Across nearly 200 pages, it covers a range of topics from the basic history of wireless communications and antenna technology to more practical advice on cell site construction and network planning. Techniques for dealing with co-siting, passive intermodulation, network reliability and site monitoring are discussed, along with specific applications such as distributed antenna systems, back-up power, microwave backhaul and network protection. In addition there’s an overview of global frequency spectrum configurations together with a glossary of wireless terms and acronyms.

Philip Sorrells, CommScope VP for strategic marketing, believes the book contains enough technical information to satisfy engineers while at the same time translating jargon into language the average industry person can understand. “We think there is something for everyone in this book, from a high-level view of the wireless communication industry down to some nitty-gritty physics formulas,” he says.

‘Understanding the RF Path’ is available in digital format for viewing online, as an app through iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, and can also be downloaded in PDF form. For those wanting more, CommScope offers an online course covering the material in the book through its Infrastructure Academy.

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