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Smartphone sales driving business tech investment

High-tech mobile devices have sky-rocketed in sales and usages in recent years and people and businesses are now looking into smartphone investment.

World-leading technology analyst and reviewer Gartner have released new figures which show smartphone sales have increased by 46.9 per cent. This growth was seen in the third quarter of the 2012 financial year, a comparative advance from the same period last year.

Overall mobile phones sales dropped by 3.1 per cent over the same period, showing a significant hike in smartphones as businesses embrace the technology.

Gartner’s research suggests a number of positive signs for the industry, even after taking fall in phone sales into consideration.

With 169.2 million sales of smartphone devices in the third quarter, smartphones are driving the industry. This demonstrates a continuation in the trend which started some time ago. 

The smartphone market is currently dominated by Apple and Samsung. A principal research analyst at Gartner has stated: "Both vendors together controlled 46.5 per cent of the smartphone market, leaving a handful of vendors fighting over a distant third spot."

The market is currently so volatile that major mobile phone manufacturer Nokia slipped from number three to number seven in the list of smartphone providers in the space of three months. Research In Motion and HTC have shown progress, rising to third and fourth respectively.

As people are now highly keen to invest in a new smartphone, this time could be a great opportunity to allow firms to splash out on new headsets. This investment could take advantage of the latest VoIP solutions. 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) will enable employees to make cheap calls from any location in which broadband connections are available. It is a highly efficient technology and will boost productivity, while operators will be able to tailor the services to the demands of their users.

With this shrewd investment it will mean that the business world will be able to raise efficiency and productivity.

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