Samsung smartphone displays delayed over tech trouble

Samsung is rumoured to be having technology troubles with its new 441ppi smartphone screen.

Samsung may be experiencing difficulties in the manufacture of its 441ppi panel, which will appear on its next S-series smartphone, according to online reports.

The printing required for the delicate OLED materials to be placed on to the high-resolution glass display panels is thought to be causing problems, with Samsung Display (SD) said to be lacking the technology to sustain mass production.

Samsung is reported to be requesting US-based conglomerate 3M for assistance, although this may delay the release of its next flagship device, presumed to be the Galaxy S4.

The news further adds to speculation that the device will feature a 441ppi, full-HD AMOLED display.

This would situate it alongside their competitors, including the Droid DNA/HTCJ Butterfly’s 5in 1080p screen, ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S3’s 306ppi display and the iPhone 5’s 326ppi Retina.

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