BAE Systems apprentices.

BAE Systems to train engineering apprentices for supplier companies

BAE Systems will begin training 50 apprentices for companies in its North West supply chain next September, thanks to a new initiative.

The 50 successful candidates will receive a three-year apprenticeship in engineering from BAE Systems before joining a company that supplies components or services to its military aircraft business in Lancashire, or the company’s submarines design and building facility in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

This September UKCES announced £165m funding under an Employer Ownership Pilot, which will create thousands of jobs for young people. As part of this, £1.4m was awarded to BAE Systems to train the 50 apprentices, which the company is matching with its own funds and resources.

“This pilot scheme is a win-win situation,” says Nigel Whitehead, group managing director, BAE Systems. “Supplier companies with more limited resources can access first-class training programmes and facilities whilst larger businesses take responsibility for developing the specific skills they need to grow and sustain their business, and with it their supply chains. I am confident that the pilot will be successful and in time, we can extend this scheme to other parts of the UK.”

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