Technicians work on the radar installation

UK team upgrades Suez Canal radar

A British marine engineering firm has recently completed work on a major upgrade of the Suez Canal radar system.

The new equipment is now in operation.

Birkenhead based SeaKing Electrical, which employs 150 electrical engineering staff, undertook the work for Norwegian offshore traffic management specialist Vissim.

SeaKing Electrical Group business development manager Neil Mellenchip said the high-profile installation was a terrific opportunity for the company to showcase its work on a large-scale international project.

“As one of the busiest and most vital global trade links, it is essential that authorities are able to track and guide marine vessels accurately,” he said.

“The installation went to plan and the upgraded system is now actively assisting more than 17,000 ships each year.”

A team of eight engineers travelled to Egypt to complete the contract.

Work involved changing nine 18ft (5.5m) radar heads on top of 60 metre towers.

The radar towers are located strategically on either side of the Gulf of Suez starting at Safaga and Sharm El Sheikh, covering 650km of the Suez Canal.

The firm also installed internal cabling in equipment rooms of manned and remote control stations.

The team underwent rope access training to operate safely at heights.

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