The fuel-cell powered lighting package is aimed at off grid locations and night-time working in built up areas

BOC launches fuel-cell powered lighting system

A hydrogen fuel-cell powered lighting package has been launched by engineering firm BOC.

The latest addition to the Hymera family of hydrogen fuel cell products from BOC, a member of The Linde Group, is aimed at locations that cannot connect to grid electricity.

These include areas where welding, machining, on-site maintenance or repair are being carried out, or for outdoor temporary events.

The package uses high-efficiency, low-wattage lamps with an output equivalent to two 300W halogen lamps, and BOC says the system has significant advantages over both battery-powered or diesel/petrol generator alternatives.

When compared with generator performance, the Hymera emits no carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen (NOx) or particulates.

It produces water vapour as hydrogen and oxygen are combined in the process of releasing electrical energy.

BOC said that fossil-fuelled generators are notoriously inefficient at part-loads – which is frequently what is required with modern, energy-efficient appliances.

The traditional alternative is to use batteries which are quiet and give off no carbon or other environmental emissions.

BOC points out their run-time is very limited and they are only suitable for a few hours of operation, while a single cylinder of hydrogen weighing just 10kg will keep lights running for nearly 24 hours.

The company says its system is an alternative for off-grid lighting applications that lasts much longer between refuelling/recharging than batteries, but is cleaner and quieter than diesel or petrol generators.

BOC adds it is easily transportable and can be set-up and operational within minutes.

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