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3D Printshow in London this weekend

The world’s leading 3D print producers and designers will meet consumers in London for the first time this weekend.

On 20 October the doors to the 3D Printshow open and the public will get a chance to view the future of manufacturing and the world of 3D print. 

From the worlds of technology, design, art and fashion some of the most forward-thinking minds will showcase innovative works that have been made possible from the medium of 3D print.

Some of the features on show include performances from the world’s first 3D printed band, the world’s largest collection of 3D printed art, and a full walk-in 3D body scanner.

Kerry Hogarth, founder of the 3D Printshow said: “3D Printshow gives many consumers the chance to interact with 3D print technology for the first time. 3D print is no longer a distant pipe dream, it’s going to become a reality in today’s world and the 3D Printshow gives the public the chance to come and see the possibilities it offers and understand how it is going to affect their lives.”

The 3D Printshow takes place at The Brewery, Chiswell St, London from 19 to 21 October. Friday’s event is closed to trade and press only.

Organisers said there were various ticket types available including family, child, student and weekend passes. On Saturday the day time show runs from 10am to 7pm, and on Sunday runs from 10am to 4pm. There is also an evening 3D Print Live Show on Saturday evening featuring a catwalk show of 3D printed fashion, dancers and acrobats using 3D printed props, and music played on 3D printed instruments.

Further information:

Find out more about the 3D Printshow and information on tickets.

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