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Technicians keep Paralympians performing, old vehicles are scrapped and old gadgets aren’t.


A Mi-38 helicopter made by state-owned manufacturer Russian Helicopters set a new world altitude record in its class (10,000 to 20,000kg) by climbing to above 8,600m in the 14th FAI World Helicopter Championships. The multi-role Mi-38 can transport cargo and passengers and is also suitable for search-and-rescue operations and as a mobile hospital.


Worldwide shipments of media tablets look set to exceed 100 million units in 2012, according to ABI Research. The April to June quarter set a new record of nearly 25 million units, up 36 per cent quarter-over-quarter and 77 per cent year-over-year. More than two-thirds were iPads, but new vendors and products will affect the second-half market.

In 2Q2012, less than 27 per cent of tablet shipments included mobile broadband (3G/4G), down 12 per cent YoY, with the rest offering only Wi-Fi support as consumers look to keep down their spending.


Members of Ottobock’s Prosthetic, Orthotic and Wheelchair Technical Service team carried out 2,740 repairs for 1,983 athletes during the 10 days of the Paralympic Games. The 80 technicians from 18 countries were based at workshops in the Paralympic Village and nine competition venues, as well as providing a customised mobile workshop to repair damaged wheelchairs during the marathon. Their tasks ranged from replacing punctured tyres to rebuilding a running blade.


A survey of IT professionals reveals that one in five admits looking at information they were not supposed to. Lieberman Software Corporation found that 39 per cent of respondents can get unauthorised access to the most sensitive information within their organisation, including the CEO’s private documents, and half of those had taken advantage of the opportunity.


Officials in California have removed 7,112 ‘unnecessary’ vehicles from the state fleet, representing 14 per cent of the total, under a cost-cutting exercise ordered by the Governor.

The eliminated vehicles include passenger cars, trucks, vans, buses, heavy equipment, boats, trailers, planes and other mobile assets.


Over three-quarters of UK adults are keeping old and unused electrical appliances, according to research from energy company E.On, and 43 per cent still keep items plugged in. The most commonly hoarded gadgets are mobile phones (kept by 26 per cent of those surveyed), followed by cameras, video players, DVD players and games consoles (all above 20 per cent).


Around 80 per cent of British households (21 million) have internet access in 2012, up from 77 per cent (19m) in 2011, according to the Office for National Statistics. In households with children the figure is 95 per cent, but only 36 per cent of older people (65+) living alone have a connection.

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