Solarlux microsolar glazing

Glas Wagener develops glazing to slash energy bills

German glass company Glas Wagener has launched their glazing in the UK which they say will slash energy bills.

Solarlux microsolar uses micro lamella layers of transparent steel in the glass which let sunlight in when needed while keeping heat out in the hot summer months.

“Solarlux microsolar helps to regulate interior temperatures by preventing overheating from the sun in hotter summer months and enabling sun light from low angles to enter a building when it is cold, thus there is less need for air conditioning or central heating,” said Dave Wyatt, head of Glas Wagener’s UK operations.

Solarlux microsolar has been used in many projects throughout Europe such as the Naestved Swimming Stadium in Denmark.  

The glazing in the stadium was replaced with the Solarlux system and heat loss in winter was reduced by 60 per cent.

The layers of steel in the glass are positioned so they reflect sun infiltration from high angles but allow sunlight from low angles to pass through the glass relatively unimpeded.

“Because of its micro lamella layering Solarlux provides different levels of sun protection according to need,” Wyatt added.

“So when the sun is at its peak, in the middle of the day or in summer months, the microscopic lamellas resist the sun’s rays, preventing the interior of the building from overheating.   

“In the winter the angle of the lamellas ensures that light from the low-lying sun is not impeded, and that the interior remains bright.

“In other types of solar control glass, such as exterior shading and glass which uses an adhesive film in the glazing, the sunlight is blocked in the winter months when it’s most needed.”

Glas Wagener says that the glazing requires no maintenance or repair costs, unlike other forms of solar control glass.  

This is due to the shading system being constructed of transparent steel inside the glass, so once the glass is installed it should require no further attention.

The glass is available as double or triple insulating glass with excellent U-values.

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