Sony is already promoting 4k displays.

Display makers say higher resolutions coming eventually

As ever, IBC saw major players trying to drive interest in and the adoption of new image resolutions in broadcasting.

Sony linked with satellite operator SES to run live 4k (3840x2160px) resolution broadcasts from SES’s Luxembourg headquarters to two sites at the exhibition. Sony has been pushing 4k displays hard since January’s Consumer Electronics Show and will put the first 84in Bravia models on US shelves this November.

Meanwhile, Japanese broadcaster NHK was showing an 8k resolution (7680x4320px) 120MHz display at IBC, using its Super HiVision ultra HD format.

The standard was formally placed on the ITU’s HD roadmap in August and the 120MHz display was intended to showcase its capacity for higher frame rates. These promise even more vivid coverage of sporting events in particular.

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