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'Sustainable floating home' showcases off-land living

A ‘sustainable floating home’ has been launched in the UK by Danish design think-tank Sanitov Studios with consumer electronics brand Samsung.

Called Inachus, it takes its name from a Greek river god, and has been developed as part of the Sanitov Floating Homes Future-Cities project, which looks to integrate the River Thames into London’s urban fabric through sustainable living strategies. It is intended as a permanently-moored dwelling, not a house boat, although it can within limits be relocated via inland waterways.

Inachus is the first floating prototype dwelling for what could become a community of individually-customised river-borne homes, Sanitov Studios claims, and represents an approach to urban living that exploits the city’s ‘off-land’ spaces. It is one of only around 40 UK dwellings to carry Energy Level 5 status, and lays claims to becoming ‘one of the most sustainable homes in London’.

The showcase vessel comes equipped with Samsung smart home appliances and electronics products, including latest model refrigerator, washing machine, cooking products, tablet devices, and LED TVs. It has been wired with Category 5e coaxial cabling for computer networking and TV/satellite data distribution. A Sonos wireless music system enables music or Internet radio to be streamed from any computer or networked hard-drive. Two pairs of B&W in-ceiling speakers are installed in the living room, kitchen, and top deck. Audio can be channeled independently in each area, or output areas can be grouped together in any combination.

A sophisticated wireless system driven by a Lutron Electronics processor controls heating, lighting and audio for the whole house, enabling independent levels in each individual space. Occupants can also use the Lutron App on a mobile device to monitor and control each zone remotely.

Inachus can be bought either as part of, or separately from, the Future Cities project, and is priced in the region of £1.8m-£2.3m, its makers say, dependent on the level of design specification, customisation, and whether mooring rights are included. Each Inachus comes with a 60-year lease, but can also be acquired without a lease arrangement (more simplified, lease-less purchasing options start at £75,000).

The ‘show-home’ Inachus will officially launch at the London Design Festival (14-23 September), before returning to Wandsworth’s Riverside Quarter at the end of the month.

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